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Kasp Security Solid Aluminium Padlock - K14040SILD

Kasp Security Solid Aluminium Padlock - K14040SILD

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This solid aluminium padlock is suitable for securing sheds, gates, lock-offs and other medium security applications for your security needs. This padlock has been designed and manufactured to highest standards which is why the product comes with a ten year guarantee.

This product features:

- a hardened steel shackle with extra protection against hacksaw & cropping attacks
- double ball bearing locking mechanism with extra strength to resist torsion & pull attacks
 - a solid aluminum body with added resistance against corrosion
 - a 6 pin cylinder with anti-pick mushroom pins -  to create the extra level of protection needed against picking
 - paracentric keyway - provided protections against manipulation
- anti- bump cylinder- maximum protection
- Provided with 2 keys

Comes with a 10 Year Guarantee

Security Rating: 7

Product Dimensions: Width 38mm x Height 25mm

Product Code: K14040SILD

Weight: 0.176kg

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