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Kasp Security - Premium Brass Combination Padlock - K11030D

Kasp Security - Premium Brass Combination Padlock - K11030D

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Suitable for securing luggage, cabinets, toolboxes and other low security applications. This padlock has been designed and manufactured to the highest standard, this is why we can confidently offer a full ten year guarantee.

This product features:

 - a resettable combination (adding convenience and security)
 - solid brass body - added resistance against corrosion
 - 3 digit code ( for added security)
 - instructions provided with padlock on how to re-set with your own unique and personal combination

Compatible with Hasp & Staple: K21095D

Product code: K11030D

Comes with a 10 Year Guarantee

Security Rating: 3

Product Dimensions: Width 30mm x Height 25.7mm

Product Weight: 0.146kg

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