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Kasp Security - Heavy Duty Combination Padlock - K11750D

Kasp Security - Heavy Duty Combination Padlock - K11750D

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Suitable for securing lockers, sheds, gates, garages and other medium security applications. This padlock is designed and manufactured to the highest standard, and this is why this product  offers a full ten year guarantee.

This product offers a
- Hardened steel shackle that provides extra protection against hacksaw & cropping attacks
- A double bolted locking mechanism with extra strength to resist torsion and pull attacks
- An anti manipulation locking system- this protects against manipulation attack from would be attackers
- A 4 dial re-settable combination - this adds an extra level of convenience & security
- Rust free Internal Components with extra resistance against corrosion

10 Year Guarantee

Product Code: K11750D

Security Rating: 6

Product Dimensions: Width: 50mm x Height 26mm

Weight: 0.292kg

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