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Groz G83 Double Lever 500g Grease Gun

Groz G83 Double Lever 500g Grease Gun

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Groz G83 Double Lever Grease Gun 500g is by far the most popular grease gun for general purpose lubrication in automotive, workshop, agricultural & light industrial applications.

Suitable For 500g Grease Cartridge

up to 7,500 PSI / 517 BAR

up to 0.8GM / STROKE

  • Protective cap for hose storage for when not in use, prevents contamination at the hose end
  • Minimal wearing parts for longer life
  • Comes complete with 12" high pressure flexible hose with a 4 jaw coupler

Double lever grease gun for quick and effortless high pressure greasing applications. Suitable for some screw in grease cartridges.

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