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Grisport Combat Safety Boot in Black

Grisport Combat Safety Boot in Black

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This combat safety boot offers a higher level of safety for those whom need the added protection in the workplace. It is a durable, comfortable and supportive boot. The high leg offers protection against injury to the ankle and foot. It is important to invest in a heatproof, anti-static safety boot with a steel toe cap in order to protect your feet in a working environment.

It is also anti-slip so prevent any unwanted injuries occurring. As well as the sole being anti-slip, it is also grease resistant, heatproof and self-cleaning.

The combat has a steel toe cap for any falling objects within the workplace so it should protect and avoid injuries to your toes. This boot has a safety level of S3-HRO-HI, meaning it will protect against many different obstacles within the environment you are working in.


  • Black Safety Boots
  • Safety Level: S3-HRO-HI-SRC
  • Waxed leather breathable upper
  • Grease resistant, self-cleaning, heatproof sole
  • Shockproof, anti-slip sole
  • 200J Steel Toe Cap
  • Anti-perforation steel midsole
  • Anti-static
  • WR - Water resistant for one hour
  • Weight: 1680g


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